Year: 2004

Lenght: 7,49 m

Width: 2,60 m

Motor: Yanmar 15 Cv

Camarotes: 1

Capacity: 6 persons


The Astraea 260 Cruising sailboat, 7.49m long and 2.60 wide, is a sailboat built in 2004 that, thanks to the size of its length, can be governed with the Basic Navigation Pattern (PNB) license. Apart from being a boat with a shorter length, it has a good capacity in its bathtub, it is ideal for coastal outings, or to enjoy sailing since it is a very fun boat. It has a Genaker for those who have more experience and want to get the most out of it with rather moderate winds. Inside we have a double cabin in the bow, a rabbit hutch and in the central part, two sofas, one on each side. As for electronics, it has an autopilot, VHF, GPS, wind equipment and depth sensor.



Dates 1/2 Day(€) Day(€) Week(€)
01/01/2024 – 15/03/2024 110 137 630
16/03/2024 – 31/05/2024 139 158 735
01/06/2024 – 19/07/2024 152 189 840
20/07/2024 – 23/08/2024 168 210 998
24/08/2024 – 20/09/2024 152 189 840
21/09/2024 – 18/10/2024 139 158 735
19/10/2024 – 31/12/2024 110 137 630
Cleaning 25 25 60
Deposit 500

The costs of canceling a reservation will depend on how far in advance the cancellation is made:

-If the cancellation is made less than 3 months after shipment, the cost will be 30% of the total amount.

-Si la anulación se realiza dentro de los últimos 30 días antes del embarque, el coste será del 100% del importe total del alquiler.

Necessary documentation
In order to rent the boat it will be necessary to provide a photocopy of the DNI and the original of the necessary qualification (in case of rental without Skipper).


You are the skipper

You are the skipper

When renting a boat you are the skipper of it. Take care of the boat as if it were yours.



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